Shipping Instructions

How To Properly Package Your Mac

As long as you pack your Mac in accordance with these instructions, you will be covered in the event of shipping damage during transit. You MUST package your Mac Properly to be eligible for Shipping Coverage!!!


  • Use sturdy new large box
  • Leave 3” crush space on all sides
  • Wrap with 1”+ of bubble wrap
  • Separately wrap all accessories
  • Fill empty space w/packing material

Useful Tips

Laptops & iPads

  • Wrap in at least 3” of bubble wrap ON ALL SIDES. Tape bubble wrap securely.
  • Package tightly in an oversized, sturdy box

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iMacs & Mac Pros: with original box & foam inserts

  • Place iMac in the foam inserts to ensure device is suspended and not resting on bottom of box. Individually wrap loose accessories in 2” of bubble wrap. Affix label and ship directly in original box.

iMacs & Mac Pros: without original box

  • Carefully wrap entire iMac in at least 2” of bubble wrap. Double wrap (4”) all corners, edges, and stand. Place in center of box with at least 3” of CRUSH SPACE on all sides between iMac and the edge-of-box. Please confirm ALL four corners and stand are wrapped in 4” of bubble wrap, pack tightly into a sturdy large box.


  • Ship in a flimsy old box
  • Use insufficient bubble wrap
  • Pack item in too small box
  • Leave item powered on
  • Loosely throw in accessories

Common Mistakes

  • Shipping your Mac without 3”-4” of padded crush space
  • Re-using an old box that is either too flimsy or too small
  • Not taping a thick layer of at least 1” bubble wrap to all sides
  • Leaving empty space in box without packing material


It is your responsibility to fully secure the packaging of your device before you ship them. CashForYourMac is not responsible for damage to poorly packed shipments!

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